Soft Hues is a homegrown skincare product line, that evolved with a passion for various skincare formulations prepared with natural ingredients beneficial for the skin.

Our products are made in small batches emphasizing quality and as they are handcrafted, we make sure each and every product is made with the utmost care. Every product is formulated to provide your skin the nutrition it deserves to achieve that glowing look and make you fall in love with yourself.

Fueled by the desire to create a brand that would transform conventional beauty standards, our founder Vyshnavi embarked on a mission to develop skincare products that would empower individuals to embrace their unique beauty.

How it all started?

Our journey began with a personal quest of our founder, Vyshnavi for skincare products that were not only luxurious but also rooted in nature.

Imagine making a soap for yourself and experiencing the satisfaction you get after it comes out well and gives you the desired results. The same happiness is what motivates her every day to create handmade products with love for all of us!!

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